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From the moment she arrives in Valencia, twenty-six year old Georgina knows that her new life will never be ordinary.

Gin-drunk grannies, flirtatious friendships and eccentric expats are just the start of Georgina and boyfriend Jason’s turbulent adventure in the isolated mountains of Eastern Spain. When an exciting restoration opportunity takes them North West, they tumble through a series of disastrous events to the un-touristy region of Galicia with a caravan in tow. In this wet and wild place, the couple embark on a stone house project – a priest’s rectory that has fallen to ruin. They forge their way haphazardly into extreme rural life until tragedy strikes causing their lives to unravel. Through the darkness, the couple find strength and courage and are forced to decide their future. Will, they choose scorching Valencia with its tourism opportunities or brave the unpredictable wild wolf of Galicia?

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