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Forever and Olé - Behind the Scenes

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Welcome to this exciting section of my blog - Behind the Scenes of our Spanish adventure. If you've read the book and imagined the places, people and renovations but would like to see the true images behind the book then look no further. You get regular updates - an exclusive peek into the world that captured our hearts under the sun and rain. For those who haven't yet read it - what are you waiting for? grab yourself a copy and pop back here pronto!

Browse the gallery below for photos of La Coruña city. Our project in Dos Rios with some before and after's of the priest's Rectory, the Donkey Jason helped, the Medieval Ferria Fiesta in Betanzos and even those Pigs in Peasant clothing! Apologies for the low quality photos that was taken with my ancient Nokia.

Browse the gallery below for photos of Valencia, arts and sciences, our rural retreat in Chulilla, and some of the exciting tour locations, and even the billionaires super yacht!

Escape to the Continent filming on location at our properly with presenter Anita Rani 2014

Caught in a tropical storm, filmed in Chulilla

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