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The Writing Shack - An introduction

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

So, you've written the book, edited it a million times to the point that you almost hate it and submitted it to publishers' without a bean in response, so what now?

How about considering Self-Publishing? Before you turn your nose up at the idea consider this:

Publishing is an old industry that is changing - constantly - and we're living in a time where we've got more writers of every age actually writing more than ever. That's amazing right?

In this current pandemic alone we have seen more creativity than ever before.

The industry is having to change to keep up with opportunities in this market which means for you - a way forward. Self publishing doesn't mean your manuscript is less worthy than a traditionally produced book. This myth that self-published booked are badly written or poorly executed is no more true than that of traditionally published books and the PR marketing input still has to be fulfilled by the Author in either case.

As publishing houses are closing their doors even tighter on what makes the cut, talented writers aren't getting the chance they deserve to showcase their work - unless of course they are already famous, have an epic following on social media or happen to get a lucky break. So where are the rest of us supposed to go?

Writers Guide

Over the next few months i'm going to delve into the Self-Publishing world and share my experiences of what it means for you. I'll explain some of the challenges I faced as well as some useful tips to hopefully get you to see the light at the end of a very long tunnel. It's not an easy road but I can make it less painful so that you can get on track and fulfil that dream of seeing your book in print.

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Until then, Write. Georgina x

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