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The Writing Shack! Your Self-Publishing Guide (no.1) WHAT'S NEXT?

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Thanks for meeting me here at The Writing Shack blog where we'll delve a little more into self publishing without too much waffle. I'm going to cut right to it. If you're reading this you should be at the stage where you've written and edited it so much you've actually lost count. I've listed below some of the next crucial (and additional editing points) stages your book will need to go through - remember this is this is only my guideline, so the way I have produced my book may differ to how you feel yours should be done.

  • Check your text flows with structure. Too much digressing and the flow will

  • Edit for continuity - does the voice sound the same? If it sounds like a novel and then goes all factual like a history book it will throw the reader..or tire them. A good guide for this is if its making you yawn writing it, imagine how a reader will feel reading it?

  • Spelling - if your manuscript contains foreign language words make sure those spellings are correct throughout. If there are different ways to spelling the same word and you are unsure which one to use, pick one and stick with it. You can use the search feature in Word for this.

  • Edit out repetitiveness - its surprising how much we echo!!

  • Paragraph, indent and structure. Move things around if you have to.

  • Get your manuscript Proofread, ideally not by you. If by you - read it out loud. Your book should be proofread before the next stage and give yourself a deadline for this otherwise time will fly by. If your manuscript goes off to be formatted without being proofread first he/she will need to charge you for additional changes later down the line from 50p (or more) per word. This can really add up so the more errors you spot now the less costly in the long run.

  • Get your manuscript formatted, your margins set up, front and back matter sorted, inside title pages by either yourself or hire a professional. Grab a book off your shelf and really look at these front and back matter pages to fully grasp what these are. If you do hire someone make sure they understand what you want from them.

  • What size do you want your book to be? check sizes and make a choice from the options on the amazon site.

  • Think about the cover, front, back and spine design. What kind of look do you want to go for? do you want to strike out of the norm? redesign the generic? Most professionals will charge between £250 - 1200 for well developed cover but it does help keep the costs down and give them a starting point.

Next time we'll cover a bit on Vanity publishing and scamming sites.

Until then take care and keep writing...see you soon!

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